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Make up experience: 

Learn from a experienced professional how to use a natural makeup for day, night, a party, or for an ideal for photo. Combined with a nice cup of tea and local pastries



Route of the Ancient Crockery

 We will visit iconic  places of crokery and antiques where you can buy from a 100-year-old cup to the vintage cup that our parents used. Cutlery, linens in linen, glassware, porcelain ornaments and antique jewelry. Everything that used to look like the dinning tables of our grandmothers.

Experiencia con Arte

In an art gallery specializing in emerging Argentine artists, a painter will expose his work and the concept behind art. After the talk, the day will end with a wine tasting related to the artist's style.


Another option is to accompany the talk with a sensory workshop of fragrances from Cartier and other leading beauty brands.


Color Craft: color workshop Faber Castell, the idea is to get down to work. Learn to use color, compose and create with the guidance of an artist a collective work.

Secrets of Photography 

In his studio, Aldo Sessa, one of the most important Argentine photographers, will take us through his photographic history accompanied by a high-end wine tasting.

Olfactory Experimental Workshop

 The act of smelling encourages us to share our experiences with others. This unique and fun workshop allows us to awaken the sensory creativity of the hand of aromas and raise awareness of the importance of the sense of smell