Learn how to make a Barbecue:


Every Argentine knows how to make a barbecue and thinks that his is the best. And although historically, the barbecue was the heritage of men, for many years, women also took possession of the grill. Everyone has their recipe, we tell you ours. I lived the barbecue experience and take all the tips to do when you return to your home.

 Argentine cocktails class with tapas / picada:

With the Argentine vermouth as the main ingredient, Enjoy this drink that was raging among our grandparents and today is reborn with our own production. Become a bar tender and prepare your own drinks.


Have lunch at the San Telmo market and tour the colonial Buenos Aires:


This neighborhood in the south of the city is one of the oldest and historical,  beautiful to walk through its history, its antique houses, places to eat, hidden bookstores and notable bars Here tradition and immigration combine, the most typical of colonial Buenos Aires with the most representative of local fast food and immigrants installed in the area.

Dinner of the Stars:

Together, we will enjoy a 12-course meal prepared by a professional and well-known chef, each of which represents an astrological sign.


An excuse of good taste, to surprise you with fantastic dishes and wines, and have fun while you learn a little more about yourself.


An astrologer will join us to answer all your questions and tell you what foods are right for you.

San Antonio de Areco

The city of Areco, is one of the many cities that offer us tradition, folklore, history, exquisite food and drinks, silverware, equestrian and rural activities.  


Our experiences are accompanied by a Cordon Blue chef. The opportunity to enter the silverware workshops, talk with their owners and the participate in the make up of jewelry.  


The field activity is done by a gaucho, who will invite us to an Indian dressage, and join us in the mate tasting experience.  


This city offers lots of surprises ,do not stop discovering it with us