Wine tour:


A tour of the Buenos Aires wine bars through the neighborhoods of Palermo and Villa Crespo, with some strategic stops to try,  good wines and some local delicacies.


Beer tour:

In Buenos Aires in recent years, craft breweries have multiplied, a true paradise for those who enjoy beers with a lot of flavor, original and different.

Vermut tour


A vintage drink, our grandparents´ favorite, made a great comeback and returned to the bars. In Argentina, we have for the first time, four high quality labels that will surprise you.  Local Vermouths with 100% Argentine personality. A tour to recover a lost tradition in one of the retro vintage bars of the city.

Private whisky tasting:


For lovers of this wonderful drink, we have specialists who provide fun workshops to learn more about whisks and bourbon, Irish, Scottish, Japanese and North American.


Ronand Cigars

 Ron & Cigars, a natural combination of two products that are wonderful.


We will learn about rons and cigars, we will choose the ones that we like the most and we will try them to choose our favorites.


We make special encounters for groups of women who also dare to break the barriers and enjoy this combo that seems very masculine but more and more women enjoy.



 Mate tasting


For Argentines, mate is more than a drink, it is part of a ceremony that speaks of our way of being. Even those few who do not take it, cannot resist the ritual, the encounter, the moment shared with family or friends. Learn about different types of herbs, mattes and light bulbs and create your own blend.

Capilla del Señor

Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the music, the smell of firewood, the vintage... the horses, and the barking dogs, welcome you to this unforgettable experience.


The best environment will take you back to the time of the pulperías or the general store where you could drink a glass of gin, or Amargo Obrero


With the fall of the sun, close this experience with a ride on old carriages